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 In STORM, a captivating coffee crafted with beans sourced from Central America, South America, Africa, and Island Oceana. This unique blend showcases the diverse flavors and characteristics from these renowned coffee regions. Roasted to either a Full City or Full French roast, it embodies the rich and bold profile that dark roast lovers appreciate. And, of course, it is a fair trade coffee, ensuring ethical sourcing practices.

The STORM blend takes you on a journey around the globe with each sip. The beans from Central America contribute a balanced acidity and vibrant flavor, while those from South America add a smooth and velvety body. African beans infuse the blend with their distinctive fruity and floral notes, while the beans from Island Oceana offer a unique touch, imparting a subtle hint of island essence. 

Roasted to perfection, the STORM blend offers a dark and robust character that coffee enthusiasts cherish. The Full City roast brings out the rich flavors and subtle complexities of the beans, delivering a satisfying depth. For those who prefer a bolder taste, the Full French roast takes it a step further, resulting in a smoky intensity that lingers on the palate.

In addition to its exceptional taste, the STORM blend is also a fair trade coffee. This means that the farmers who cultivate and harvest these beans receive fair compensation for their hard work and dedication. By choosing this blend, you support a sustainable and equitable coffee industry. 

Indulge in the captivating flavors of the STORM blend—a dark roast masterpiece crafted with beans from Central America, South America, Africa, and Island Oceana. Immerse yourself in its rich and bold profile, knowing that you're savoring a fair trade coffee that celebrates the craftsmanship of coffee farmers worldwide.

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